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What is the Graduation Statement?

The Graduation Statement is a Commonwealth initiative that has been introduced to make Australian qualifications more portable and their value more transparent. The Graduation Statement will describe a higher education qualification in an easily understandable way, relating it to the system in which it was issued and describing qualifications in a clear and consistent way to potential employers and other higher education institutions. Curtin introduced the Graduation Statement for students who were conferred after 1 November 2010. Graduates who completed their studies prior to 1 November 2010 will not be eligible to receive a Graduation Statement.

The Graduation Statement is an official document provided to graduates by awarding institutions in addition to their award certificate. As well as details of the content and assessment of the course leading to the award, it contains further information about the course, the award, the institution and the Australian Higher Education system. The Graduation Statement also includes a section on special achievements of the graduate, which include official scholarships and prizes. This provides other institutions and potential employers with a broader understanding of the achievements of the graduate.

The design of the Curtin Graduation Statement is based on nationally agreed specifications approved by the Department of Education and Training.

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Updated 14/08/2019 10.42 AM