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What is the StepUp to Curtin program?

The StepUp to Curtin Entry Pathway has two Alternative Access Schemes, StepUp Entry and StepUp Equity Adjustment. 
StepUp Entry applies to applicants who achieved a 60.00 - 69.95 ATAR and meets at least one of the eligibility criteria.  Eligible applicants will be granted a 70.00 ATAR and be considered for admission into courses with a 70.00 ATAR at Curtin (in courses with no prerequisites or where prerequisites have been met).
StepUp Equity Adjustment applies to West Australian applicants who are already eligible to apply to Curtin who have achieved an ATAR above 70.00 and have attended a StepUp eligible School. Eligible applicants will be granted an equity adjustment factor of 5 additional ATAR points and be considered for admission into courses they may otherwise have missed out on; the equity adjustment factor is capped at an ATAR of 99.00. Applicants are notified of their eligibility on their University Admissions Advice Letter (UAAL).
For more specific information regarding the eligibility criteria and to view the StepUp School list please visit the StepUp to Curtin website.


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Updated 04/02/2021 03.40 PM