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What do I do if I am away when the offers are made?

If you will be absent during the TISC offer rounds, you need to ensure that your personal email address is accessible during the TISC offer process or arrange for someone else to check your mailbox for you. Please see the TISC Important Dates page for more information on the offer periods.

You could also arrange for someone to act on your behalf; however this will require written authority from you. To organise this, you will need to download the authorisation form from the TISC website (printing three copies).
Fill in the three copies and submit one to TISC. You will also need to give one form to the person you have nominated so they can present it if they need to respond to an offer on your behalf and keep the remaining completed form for yourself.

All TISC applicants receive an email notification of their offer to the address supplied to TISC. It is critical that you supply your personal email address and not your High School email address. You will be able to accept or defer your offer online using the details supplied in this email. 


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Updated 05/06/2020 10.28 AM