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How are offers via TISC made by the University for Semester 1?

University offers are managed by TISC for the public universities in Western Australia (Curtin, ECU, Murdoch, UWA).  University offers are made based on if you meet the minimum entry requirements (including English competency) of each respective university course. 

Your application is considered on the basis of selection criteria established by each university. You are ranked in order of merit for each course you have listed.

All of your preferences are considered in turn, according to your rank position, until you can be made an offer or until all your preferences have been exhausted. You only receive one offer. If an offer is made, any preference lower than your offered preference is ignored. The university concerned will advise you of the offer by email. University offers include information on how to enrol. You will be advised by TISC if you have not been made an offer.

Please check the Offers Information page on the TISC website for detailed information on how preferences function, and their effect on your offer.

NOTE: If you're not a Year 12 school leaver the university will assign a notional ATAR to your qualifications based on your previous education background such as STAT test results, Certificate IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma from TAFE etc...

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Updated 03/06/2020 12.15 AM