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Can I take time off from study?

Thinking of starting uni but first want a break?
If you have made the decision to come to university, but would really like to take some time off you can choose to take a gap semester or year. We would recommend that you apply for your undergraduate course first. Once you have your offer, you can choose to defer for up to 12 months*, allowing you to secure your place at university and not have to worry about future application deadlines.
*Please note that some undergraduate Curtin courses do not allow deferral.
Postgraduate study is not able to be deferred, so keep an eye on the application deadlines webpage for information on when you should apply for the upcoming study period. Once you have commenced your course you may wish to take a break from study.
Are you a current student at Curtin wishing to take a break?
If you are a current student studying either an undergraduate or postgraduate course, and are looking to take time off, visit our leave of absence (LOA) webpage.
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Updated 02/05/2021 12.27 AM