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Why am I still being charged standard fares after registering my SmartRider in OASIS?

Please check your enrolment in eStudent to make sure you are enrolled full-time. Only full-time students (those enrolled in 75 credits or more in study periods with a census date in the relevant half-year period) will receive the concession. If you have made any recent changes to your enrolment (e.g. withdrawing from or re-enrolling in units) please allow up to three business days for this information to be updated with Transperth.

To activate your concession you must use your SmartRider card to tag on and off twice within a 7 day period.

If Transperth are unable to process your concession request for any reason they will usually contact you by your Curtin student email address, so please ensure you check this regularly.

Please refer to the activating your concession instructions on the Current Students web page for further information and trouble-shooting on why your concession may not be activated.

If you have met all the conditions and are still not receiving concession fares, please contact Transperth's InfoLine on 13 62 13.

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Updated 17/09/2018 04.30 PM

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