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What units am I required to enrol into?

New students to a course - refer to the information on EnrolNow.

Existing students in a course - refer to the course planner or structure that has been provided by your course coordinator. If you have not been provided with a course planner or structure contact your course coordinator to receive a plan or unit advice.

The Curtin Handbook will provide a general guide for your course structure. Contact your course coordinator if you are unsure.  Some courses run in very specific pattern in that they have pre-requisites and only run in one specific study period.  

You can distinguish the year level of a unit by looking at the first number in the specific unit code, examples below.

First year undergraduate unit:

Second year undergraduate unit:

Third year undergraduate unit:

Fourth year undergraduate unit/ Honours level:

If you have already completed units of your course in a non-standard structure then it is possible to contact your relevant Student Services Office for further advice.

To find out how you can enrol refer to the frequently asked question - How do I enrol.
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Updated 19/12/2018 03.46 PM

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