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How do I defer my offer?

To defer your offer:

  • Go to the My Offers tab in eStudent via OASIS
  • You will see a list of the courses for which you have received an offer
  • Select View for the appropriate offer
  • On the next screen the details of your offer will be displayed, please check that these details are correct
  • Click Defer and this will load the deferral form
  • It will automatically default to the correct deferral period
  • Click Defer
  • A green success message will confirm that you have successfully deferred your offer.

If your offer has lapsed or you have already accepted your offer, please contact the Admissions Office via the deferral query option in the eStudent webform.

You can only defer up to the Census date for that study period. After the Census date has passed, you may still be able to put your studies on hold by completing a leave of absence request. For more information, please contact Curtin Connect.

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Updated 13/10/2020 11.53 AM