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How do I apply for a scholarship?

Current students: The scholarship application process is all online. Current student scholarship applications generally open in October and close in March.  Once scholarships are open, the link to the online form will be available on each scholarship information page via the scholarships website.

Future Students: Most scholarships can be applied for online with the exception of the John Curtin Scholarship Program. You will need to indicate (tick) which scholarships you would like to apply for and answer the relevant questions. Some of our future student scholarships (for example the Curtin Excellence Scholarship) do not require an application. More information can be found on the Scholarships website.

You may also wish to sign up for Curtin's Scholarship email service and receive an email alert whenever a scholarship that matches your criteria is opened for applications. You'll also receive a reminder email one week before applications close.

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Updated 02/10/2020 11.45 PM