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Why can't I defer my offer?

There are several reasons why you may not be able to defer your offer:

  • Qualified with Conditions - if you received an offer with conditions you will not be able to defer until you have fulfilled all the conditions of your offer.
  • Undergraduate Course that does not allow deferral -  some courses for example the Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor or Surgery do not allow deferral
  • Lapsed offer or have already accepted the offer - please email the Admissions Office at for assistance stating your full name ID number, name of your course and your query.
  • International students - due to student visa conditions, International students are not able to defer offers. Please contact the International Office at for assistance.
  • Postgraduate students - Postgraduate students are not permitted to defer. If you wish to postpone the commencement of your studies, you may be eligible to apply for a Leave of Absence. Not all Postgraduate courses will allow LOA, please contact the relevant Student Service Office for assistance.
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Updated 13/10/2020 11.54 AM