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I would like to be released from Curtin University and study at another institution, what do I need to do?

A letter of release approving transfer must be obtained by an international student visa holder, seeking to transfer institutions within the first six months of study in their principal (mainstream) course (in addition to any prior preparatory study eg. Foundation, English, Diploma).

You must remain enrolled as per your visa condition 8202 until the assessment of your release letter is complete.

In order to be assessed for a release letter, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1

  • If you are a packaged student, please talk to your pathway provider - Curtin English, Curtin College, or Canning College.
  • If you are a new to Curtin international student and have not commenced studies in your mainstream course, please submit this request to Curtin International via email at
  • If you have commenced your course and completed less than 6 months of your course, please submit this request to Student Services via email at

Step 2

  • Complete the release letter request form [.pdf]. Remember to attach all the documentation requested for on the application form. These include:
    • Statement detailing reasons for requesting release.
    • Evidence to support your reason for request.
    • A copy of the Letter of Offer from the institution to which you seek to transfer to (please note conditional offers may not be accepted).
  • Send the form and the documentation to the email address that applies to you above in Step 2.

Sponsored Students - If you are a sponsored student, written confirmation from your sponsor approving the provider must be attached.

Under 18 - If you are under 18, a letter of support from your parent/guardian and/or written confirmation from proposed provider that they accept responsibility for approving your accommodation and general welfare arrangements must be attached.

Step 3

Once you submit the application, it takes 10 working (business) days for the process to be completed.

You must remain enrolled as per your visa condition 8202 until the assessment of your release letter is complete.

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Updated 24/07/2018 12.30 AM

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