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Can I go to a university that isn't on the Curtin list?

Yes. If you want to study overseas at an institution that Curtin University doesn't have a partnership with this is called Study Abroad (not Student Exchange). This is a self-directed experience where you manage your application and study arrangements yourself using the following process:

·    Select the non-partner host university where you wish to study (see Curtin's list of partners).

  • Research the study you want to undertake at the non-partner host university.
  • Apply directly to the proposed host university (their Study Abroad application instructions should be available on their website).
  • If you're accepted to study at the host university, apply for a Leave of Absence from Curtin.
  • Apply for Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL) upon your return.

·   Pay tuition fees directly to host university. This amount varies between universities, countries and courses. As you'll be studying at a non-partner university, you may be required to pay international student fees which you are unable to defer through HECS.

      You will not be enrolled as a Curtin student, so you should confirm with Centrelink to check if you will be eligible for Centrelink payments whilst studying overseas.

      If you are an International student, you are unable to study at a non-partnered university and must select to study at a Curtin partner university.

      We recommend that you attend an Exchange Information Session. These are held every week and are the best way to have all your questions answered.

When: Every Wednesday
Time: 12noon to 12.45 pm
Location: Room 152 in Building 401

You'll meet past exchange students, learn about the program, receive information on how to apply for exchange and a Student Mobility Coordinator will be able to answer your individual questions. You don't need to book, just turn up.

More information about studying on exchange and other international study opportunities can be found on the website -

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Updated 02/06/2018 11.36 PM

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