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I have school aged dependants. How can I provide the schooling documents required for my dependant visa?

In Western Australia (WA), dependants of international students may be enrolled in either approved government (public) or non-government (private) schools registered by the Commonwealth Register of Institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS). 

A visa for a dependant must be obtained through the Department of Home Affairs or a representative.  

Both public and private schools require the payment of fees.  Public school fees vary for dependants of pathways students, undergraduate students, postgraduate students and for some scholarship students.  It is important to understand these costs BEFORE your dependents arrive in Australia

Refer to the Dependent Schooling Information Sheet for more information regarding:

  • dependant visas and obtaining a Confirmation of Placement (CoP) document for visa purposes
  • school fees
  • enrolment process
  • school ages in Australia
  • list of schools
  • contact at Curtin for assistance.


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Updated 16/09/2021 12.27 PM