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How much does it cost to go on exchange?

If you're studying with one of our partner institutions through the Curtin Go Global Exchange Program, you will continue to pay your tuition to Curtin. You won't be required to pay tuition fees to your host university.

The amount of money you will need whilst on exchange will vary depending on the current exchange rate, where you go and your personal spending habits and expectations.

Some costs to consider when preparing a budget are:

  • your travel
  • passport and visa expenses
  • travel and medical insurance
  • accommodation and food
  • transport such as cars or public transport
  • living costs such as mobile phones and personal items
  • course-related incidental costs such as lab fees or excursions and
  • recreation money for further travel, gifts and eating out.
Visit the Global Opportunities website for information about how to plan your finances and the financial support options including OS Help Loan, scholarships, NCP programs and Centrelink information.


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Updated 08/06/2021 04.27 PM