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What is the meaning of a guaranteed ATAR or a minimum ATAR?

If you achieve the Guaranteed ATAR/Selection Rank for a course, you are guaranteed acceptance into that course, provided you also achieve WACE, English Competency and a scaled score of 50 or more in the ATAR course prerequisites listed for the university course.  Some courses have no Guaranteed ATAR/Selection Rank listed, as they use additional selection criteria (such as UMAT, audition, interview, etc) and/or have limited places available.

Minimum ATAR/Selection Ranks show you the rank needed to be considered for entry to a course. However, obtaining these ranks is not a guarantee of being selected for a place in these courses. Some courses will have N/A for the minimum ATAR/Selection Rank, where an ATAR is not applicable due to emphasis on other eligibility criteria.

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Updated 08/11/2019 10.09 AM