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What is an eInvoice?

Your eInvoice is an electronic version of a tax invoice that displays the amount owing for your enrolled units. You can generate your eInvoice in eStudent.

Your tuition fees and Student Services Amenities Fees (SSAF) (for domestic students) will be displayed on your eInvoice.

A status of deferrable next to a charge confirms that you have successfully applied for a HELP loan and the amount listed will be deferred to your loan after the census date. A status of non-deferrable means that you either do not currently have a valid electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) in place for this fee type or are ineligible to have the fee deferred for that study period. 

If eligible, you can defer your fees by submitting an eCAF prior to the due date of your fees.

If you make any changes to your enrolment after you have generated your eInvoice, you must generate a new eInvoice to ensure you are aware of any changes to your fees. Please allow 3 working days to generate a new eInvoice from when your enrolment is amended, to allow your fees and payments to update.

You are encouraged to generate a new eInvoice for every study period that you have an enrolment, regardless of your chosen payment method.

Further information can be found on the Understanding your eInvoice webpage. 


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Updated 05/10/2021 02.00 PM