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What are not for degree or extension studies and how do I apply?

What is Not for Degree (extension studies)?

Not For Degree units are offered as individual units within a non-award program. There are two main reasons to study units through Not for Degree:

Firstly, if you don't meet the entry requirements of a particular course but would like to work towards meeting some of those requirements, you can do so by studying units through extension studies.

Secondly, if you don't want to complete a degree but want to study one or two units that interest you, you may be able to do this through extension studies. These units are studied individually and do not contribute to a course. If you decide to pursue a course at Curtin University in the future you may be able to apply to get credit for these units towards your degree.

How do I apply for NFD?

Complete a Not for Degree form. Ensure you read the instructions carefully and submit your completed form to Student Services (contact details available on the form) for assessment and processing.

Please note unit enrolment via Not for Degree may require approval by the Unit Coordinator.

How do I find out what units I can study by NFD?

To search for units please use the Courses Handbook. Please note, not all units are available to be studied via extension studies.

How do I pay for my NFD studies?

Not For Degree students will incur a fee liability in accordance with University Policy for any enrolment in a given study period. Fees are not commonwealth supported and must be paid upfront. Students are required to pay their Not for Degree fees on the date of enrolment. Payment options are available at

Please note the strict withdrawal policy for NFD studies. If you withdraw from units after the census date you will be charged a late withdrawal fee. If you withdraw before the study period commences, you will be entitled to a refund less 10% of the fees. If you withdraw after the study period commences but before the census date, you will be entitled to a 50% refund. If you withdraw after the census date, no refund is provided.

How much do I pay for NFD?

How much you pay depends on the unit(s) you study. An estimate can be calculated using the fees calculator.

Then what?

Once you have been enrolled into your units you will be notified via email with both confirmation of enrolment and further information about the next steps (i.e. class registration).

Once enrolled you will also be able to view your eInvoice which can be done by referring to the following steps:

  1. Log into your OASIS account.
  2. Select the My Studies tab and click the eStudent button.
  3. Then select the My Finances tab.
  4. Select 'Email my e-Invoice' button.
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Updated 08/07/2019 09.42 AM