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Do I get a discount on my fees if I pay upfront?

Yes. The Government has re-introduced the HECS-HELP upfront payment discount, which encourages students to pay for their student contribution amounts upfront, either fully or partially, and decrease their HECS-HELP loan debt.

From 1 January 2021, a student is entitled to the HECS-HELP discount for one or more units of study with the same census date if:

  • the student is entitled to HECS-HELP assistance for those units of study; and

  • the student made an upfront payment on the unit of study; and

  • the sum of upfront payments on those units of study is:

    • $500 or more (HESA section 96-2), or

    • 90 percent of the total student contribution amount payable (HESA section 96-3).

The new student contribution bands introduced mean that standard units in student contribution Band 1 cost less than $500. If the total student contribution amount payable by a student against a census date is less than $500, the student will still be eligible for the HECS-HELP discount if they make an up front payment of 90 percent of that amount.

If a student is eligible for the HECS-HELP discount, and the student makes an up front payment of more than 90 percent of the student contribution amount, then the provider must refund the student any excess up-front payment over 90 percent of the student contribution amount. Providers will receive the HECS-HELP discount payment as part of the usual HECS HELP payment processes.

For more information, refer to the StudyAssist website.


Updated 15/09/2022 03.13 PM