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Who is an acceptable referee for the two references I'm required to supply?

For some courses you will need to provide one academic reference and one professional reference, while for other courses you can provide two professional references. To find out what your course requires, visit the course page and view its supplementary information under the Admission Critera tab.
An academic referee should be someone with whom you have an academic relationship, and can comment on your academic capacity to undertake postgraduate studies. For example a thesis supervisor, lecturer or tutor.
Professional references are required from current (or where this is inappropriate – past) employers that detail your leadership/managerial potential and capacity to undertake postgraduate studies.  If you are self-employed or the CEO yourself, you should provide references from business partners, key customers or respected business individuals.  The references will be reviewed as part of the ranking process.
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Updated 03/09/2021 09.45 AM