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I'm thinking of taking the GMAT to assist in my application? Will it help?

The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a standardised exam that is taken by many MBA applicants – particularly in North America.  It tends to be used less frequently on programs where the applicants have significant work experience (especially in Australia).  We recommend that the GMAT is undertaken in only limited cases.  If an applicant’s performance across a number of criteria is relatively weak, they may wish to emphasise their potential through a good GMAT performance.  While we will consider a GMAT score as part of the process, we will guarantee an interview to any applicant who scores above 600 on the GMAT (provided they meet the basic entry requirements).  Before undertaking the GMAT exam, you may wish to discuss your initial application with the MBA Director who will assess whether the other elements of your application are likely to be competitive and therefore whether there is any benefit in supplementing your application with the GMAT.
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Updated 11/10/2019 12.01 AM