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What is equivalent full time student load (EFTSL)?

An equivalent full time student load (EFTSL) is a representation of what your study load would be for one year of full time study. At Curtin, 1.0 EFTSL is considered a full time student load.

Coursework students

If you are a coursework student, 1.0 EFTSL is equal to 200 credit points. You can determine the EFTSL value of each of your units by dividing the credits associated with your units by 200. For example, a 25 credit unit has an EFTSL value of 0.125.

HDR students

If you are completing a higher degree by research (HDR) thesis, your EFTSL is calculated based on your study rate over the course of one year. If you are undertaking research full time you will have a study rate of 1.0 and will consume 1.0 EFTSL for the year. This study rate will be reduced if you decide to study part time (normally to 0.5), if you are concurrently enrolled in coursework units as part of your course, or if you are on an approved leave of absence.

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Updated 09/10/2019 11.43 AM