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I am undertaking my GCB/ GDB and thinking of pursuing an MBA. Do I need to complete this application process?

Some students undertake a Graduate Certificate in Business (GCB) or Graduate Diploma in Business (GDB) before deciding to pursue an MBA.  As entry to all courses at the CGSB is on a competitive basis, students wishing to progress from a GCB or GDB to a masters program will have to apply for entry to that program by completing an Application for Admission form and submitting it to the Student Services Office prior to the application closing date. All students must submit: a fully detailed CV, two referee reports and a 500 word essay. Students will also be required to participate in an interview (we will arrange phone interviews where required). Students may wish to use earlier referee reports from their previous application although should be aware that we do take referee reports into account when determining student ranking. The 70% CWA is no longer used as a basis of admission into the MBA however, performance in previous studies is taken into consideration in the application.

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Updated 11/10/2019 12.01 AM