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How will my work experience and achievements be assessed in my MBA application?

We review all applicants’ CV to determine work experience and consider their major work-related achievements.  All of our units are designed to embrace adult learning principles and the experience of the class cohort is a major determinant of the quality of the educational experience for the entire class.  We therefore prefer a variety of industries and roles to be represented with significant work experience to be held by all of our students.  While the minimum requirement for entry is three (3) years of relevant work experience, the average work experience across our Masters degrees is over 10 years.  Any applicant with 10 or more years experience should expect to be ranked very highly for this component, with five to six years receiving an average ranking.

The other major consideration is if applicants have some management responsibility –be that of people, resources, projects or finance.  While it is not necessary for applicants to have very considerable work experience or management responsibility, above average scores across the other criteria would normally be expected to ensure a good ranking.  To ensure diversity in the cohort, we may rank a very limited number of applicants highly that have followed a non-traditional career path or are likely to be able to provide significant diversity to the student body.

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Updated 11/10/2019 12.01 AM