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How do I apply to enrol in a Curtin course through Open Universities Australia (OUA)?

In the Curtin OUA courses page, simply identify the course or unit you are interested in.

To apply for a course, click on the relevant course from the above list and look through the course admission criteria under the "Entry requirements" section. If you are eligible, commence the online application process by clicking on the "Apply Now" button.

If you are not eligible for course admission, you can opt for the OUA Pathway by enrolling in units within the course. To do so, please contact OUA Melbourne so that the OUA Advisors will be able to assist you with the required enrolments to be eligible for your chosen course.
Please note that there are separate cut-off dates for course admissions and enrolment. You can visit the OUA key dates page for more information.

If you require further assistance or clarification on this process, please contact OUA Melbourne or the Curtin OUA team via email at or via phone at 1300 222 888 (Phone Menu 3-1-1-1).
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Updated 15/04/2020 03.36 PM