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What is a pre-requisite and can I request for a pre-requisite waiver?

Curtin University imposes pre-requisites for some units of study. Primarily this is related to the progression of learning and the level of required knowledge and experience needed to be able to successfully complete the chosen unit.

A pre-requisite unit is a unit which must be successfully completed before you can enrol in the subsequent unit.
The pre-requisite requirement for each unit (if any) will be listed under the "Entry requirements" section on the respective unit webpage.  

If it is a "recommended pre-requisite", students can choose (notwithstanding the advice given) to enrol in the unit without further approval from Curtin OUA.  However if it is a mandatory pre-requisite, student can request for a waiver from Curtin OUA.
Current students can contact Curtin OUA to request for a pre-requisite waiver for their next enrolment if:
  • they are enrolled in the pre-requisite unit in the current study period
  • it is past the final date for withdrawal for the pre-requisite unit (after Week 6 of the current study period)
The Curtin OUA team can be contacted via email at or via phone at 1300 222 888 (Phone Menu 3-1-1-1).
Supporting documents (such as academic transcripts) would be required for pre-requisite waivers if students wish to enrol on a cross-institutional basis or for work or personal development.
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Updated 15/04/2020 01.52 PM