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What are electives and why do I need to study them?

An elective is a free choice unit within a course that must be completed in order to meet the course requirements. Having electives in courses allows students to:
  • specialise in a particular area 
  • strengthen the learning in their course of study
  • explore other subjects of interest or to have a learning experience outside of the core units of their chosen degree
The elective units can be from any discipline area at Curtin or from any other Provider Universities.
Students are permitted to complete no more than 250 credit points of first year level units throughout the course duration of a Bachelor degree.
Education courses have a list of specified electives from which a student could select. It is mandatory for the Bachelor of Education (Primary Education) students from the 2019 cohort onwards to select from one category of the specified electives.
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Updated 18/09/2020 10.25 AM