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I've recently enrolled in a unit via Open Universities Australia, however I do not have my Curtin login details. How can I obtain my Curtin Student ID?

Unit resources are generally made available in Blackboard (with OASIS login) from the first day of each study period and students will be emailed their student ID approximately one month before the commencement of a study period.

Prior to receiving their Curtin Student ID, it would be beneficial for students to familiarise themselves with Blackboard, which is Curtin's learning management system. Watch a video to see how students navigate Blackboard. 
New students who have enrolled with Open Universities Australia (OUA) and who have not received their Curtin Student ID can contact Curtin OUA at or 1300 222 888 (Phone Menu 3-1-1-1) for assistance, particularly when the study period is about to commence.
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Updated 20/04/2020 10.14 AM