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Do I have to purchase learning materials?

On top of the course materials which are made available on Blackboard, some units may require the purchase of textbooks. 
A week prior to the commencement of each study period, textbooks are made available via the Unit Outline which students can download from OASIS. For students who study with Curtin through Open Universities Australia (OUA), the textbook information is also available from the OUA website.

Curtin has a recommended bookshop for textbook purchase. Students in the Perth metro area can visit the The School Locker which is located in Building 106A at the Perth Campus or the Guild’s G Mart Books for second hand books.
When purchasing textbooks, always check the book's publication dates, including version number. If an earlier version of the textbook is located, contact the Unit Coordinator before purchasing it as there may be significant differences.
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Updated 08/12/2020 10.47 AM