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Can I still withdraw from my unit after the census date?

Students can withdraw from their enrolled units up until the Last withdrawal dates displayed in the academic calendar for the specific study period/session/semester.

Students who withdraw from their unit:

  1. Prior to Census Date - will not incur any financial or academic penalties
  2. After Census Date has passed but prior to the Last withdrawal date - will incur a financial penalty but no academic penalties
  3. After the Last withdrawal date has passed - will incur a financial penalty as well as an academic penalty (a Fail grade on the student record if the unit was not completed successfully)

Students who have special circumstances surrounding their requirement to withdraw may be eligible to apply for a refund and remission of fees.

Curtin Online students may apply via the Fees Centre website 

Curtin OUA students who study through Open Universities Australia (OUA) may apply as follows:

  • Commonwealth Supported place (CSP) students to apply with Curtin. Select the option of "Unable to complete studies due to special circumstances".
  • All other Curtin OUA students to apply with OUA.
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Updated 19/11/2020 03.06 PM