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Do I need to apply for Leave of Absence (LOA)?

A Leave of Absence (LOA) provides a break from study for students who are admitted to an award course. An LOA application notifies the University of the student's intended study break, thereby keeping their position in the course and allowing a return to studies at the time agreed. Students who do not maintain continuity in their course may have their academic status changed to 'Absent without Leave'.
It is recommended for students, who do not intend to enrol in units for more than one study period, to apply for an LOA.
Each LOA application covers up to a maximum of 12 months. Additional LOAs may be considered on a case by case basis.
Curtin OUA students who are in an award course will need to ensure that they are not enrolled in units during the period of the LOA. They can then submit their LOA applications through OUA.
Undergraduate students must have completed at least one unit in their award course to be eligible to apply. Students who are enrolled in OUA pathway units under an open access course do not need to apply.
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Updated 27/10/2020 11.09 AM