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How do I change my gender details? 

To change your gender details email Curtin Connect from your Curtin student email address.

Curtin systems allow for identification as M (male), F (female), or X (indeterminate/unspecified/intersex). No supporting documentation is required.

For support and further information see the Gender Transition at Curtin guide or contact a Curtin Ally or the Student Wellbeing Advisory Service.

Changing your details with the University will not automatically change your details with government agencies and could lead to delays in services with agencies whilst verifications take place.  For example, Centrelink student support payments may be interrupted if name and gender records do not match at both the University and Centrelink. Please carefully consider any potential consequences of not changing your personal details with all government agencies you deal with.

For more information on how to change your personal details view changing your details.
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Updated 19/07/2019 11.52 AM