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What should I do if I am missing, or have not achieved a sufficient scaled score for, an Essential WACE subject (prerequisites) for my chosen course?

To be eligible for your chosen course, you need to satisfy all admission criteria. If your course requires one or more Essential WACE Subjects that you have either not taken or did not obtain a final scaled score of 50 for, you will be required to seek an alternative way of satisfying this requirement.

One way to do this is to apply for a course that you meet entry requirements for, that either contain equivalent prerequisite units or allow you to choose from elective or an option unit list. Upon successful completion of these prerequisites, either over one or more semesters, you may then be eligible to switch courses if you have met all of the Course Switcher Criteria .

If you have successfully achieved a scaled score of 50 in ATAR Mathematics Applications or an equivalent and have met Curtin's minimum entry requirements :  The Bachelor of Science (Multidisciplinary Science) is a potential pathway to other courses that require a higher level of mathematics or specific science prerequisites. For students that have met Curtin’s minimum entry requirements but have not met ATAR Mathematics Applications equivalence :  The Bachelor of Science (Health Sciences)  has optional and elective units that may used to meet prerequisites for other courses.
For additional information about ways you can meet admission criteria for a range of courses, please see our Admissions Pathways webpage.



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Updated 23/07/2020 02.52 PM