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What is Open Universities Australia (OUA)?

Open Universities Australia (OUA) provides the opportunity to study a broad range of Curtin University offerings online. When you complete a Curtin degree through Open Universities Australia (Curtin OUA), you will get the same quality degree as if you'd studied directly through Curtin, and your final award will be a Curtin award.

Curtin OUA may give you opportunities to complete your course faster, with four main study periods per year, and many OUA undergraduate courses have no pre-set admission criteria. 

OUA may also be used to qualify you for entry into Curtin. Students who complete two degree level units (minimum 25 credits each unit) with separate evidence of English competency will satisfy the University's minimum entry requirement. Students who complete four degree level units will meet minimum entry and English competency.

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Updated 16/04/2021 12.24 AM