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What are the ways I can meet the entry requirements for a Faculty of Health Sciences undergraduate course?

There are a number of different ways to gain entry into a Faculty of Health Sciences course at Curtin. To explore a range of Health Sciences courses, and their entry requirements, visit the Health Sciences Undergraduate Course page. Navigate to your chosen course offering and select 'Admission Criteria'.
If you don't meet the minimum entry requirements to apply for your chosen course, you may be able to meet these requirements by starting in another health course:
The Bachelor of Science (Health Sciences) is a broad, multidisciplinary degree that gives you a solid grounding in health and can be used as a stepping stone to other health-related degrees. Applicants may be able to study within this offering to meet specific course weighted average, prerequisite, or other admission criteria for their chosen course, and may then apply to become a Curtin course switcher. This course may be used as a pathway for competitive Health Courses including, but not limited to:
If you don't currently meet the entry requirements for the Bachelor of Science (Health Sciences), you may be able to demonstrate this via another pathway:
UniReady is a one-semester (12 weeks, plus orientation and exam weeks) program offered in both semesters and is designed to help applicants gain entry into a range of Curtin's undergraduate courses.
This is a form of alternative entry available for Bachelor of Science (Health Sciences) and other select courses. Through the submission of a portfolio, applicants may be able to demonstrate equivalence to Curtin's ATAR entry.
The STAT may provide applicants with alternative entry into Curtin if they satisfy the required scores from both the Multiple Choice and Written English components of the test. The Written English component may be used by applicants to satisfy Curtin's English competency requirements in some circumstances. Not all applicants are eligible to take the STAT and some courses do not accept STAT for entry.
Previous study at a vocational institution may help you get into Curtin and potentially allow you to finish your degree faster.
Curtin College is an integrated pathway provider to Curtin University and offers courses designed to prepare applicants for entry into the second year of Curtin's bachelor degree.
Qualifications from OUA can qualify you for entry into Curtin. Students who complete two degree level units (minimum 25 credits each unit) with separate evidence of English competence will satisfy Curtin's minimum entry requirement. Students who complete four degree level units will meet minimum entry and English competence. For information on courses available, visit the webpage. 
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Updated 12/11/2020 09.20 PM