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When should I sit the LANTITE?

There are four LANTITE test windows per year. Curtin University's School of Education recommend that students sit their LANTITE tests once familiar with the requirements of the tests.
  • If you are a bachelor's degree student, this will be in the second year of your course
  • If you are a postgraduate student (graduate diploma or master's course), this will be in the second half of the first year of your course.
The best source for LANTITE information is the ACER website. The ACER website provides further information on:
  • Registering for the tests - including test window dates and opening and closing dates for registration.
  • Preparing for the tests - including practice material with sample questions for both the literacy and numeracy components and the format of the tests (e.g. areas addressed, number of questions)
  • Sitting the tests - including Information on permitted testing aids, test centres, remote proctoring, and misconduct.
Please make sure that you read the information on the website thoroughly and carefully, paying particular attention to the section on misconduct as ACER does not permit any appeal against the consequences of misconduct.
After reading through the information on the LANTITE website, if you have further general questions, please email
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Updated 17/09/2021 10.50 AM