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How can I fit university study around my work and family commitments? 

Don't worry, we offer a number of flexible study options to you manage your time.

Intake: choose when you start

You don't have to start your course at the beginning of the year: many of our courses are offered at the beginning of every semester or trimester, across different intake periods, including at the end of the year. This means you can choose to start your course when it is most convenient for you. Take a look at the academic calendar for study period start dates.

Part-time: reduce your workload

Many of our courses can be studied part-time, which can be as few as one or two units per semester. this will extend the duration of your course, but it will also considerably reduce your workload, meaning you will have extra time to maintain your work-life-study balance.

Online: study whenever and wherever you want

We offer online study options for units, and in some cases entire courses. You'll do the same coursework and assessments as on-campus students, but you'll study where you want, have more freedom with your time, and may use different technology and methods to complete you work.

Evening classes: study outside of business hours

Some of our units are offered in the evening, running from 5.30pm - 8.30pm or 6pm - 9pm. To find out whether evening classes are available for the units you're interested in, search for your unit code on the Curtin website and copy it into the Plan Your Timetable tool. Please note that class timetables are subject to change each study period.
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Updated 03/09/2021 09.45 AM