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What services are offered when I study at Curtin?

When you arrive at Curtin you will find everything you need to get ready for the start of classes in one spot – Curtin Connect.

Curtin Connect is a hub for student services, support and advice. Here you can access a range of services all in the one place including;

  • Accommodation
  • Careers, Employment and Leadership
  • Credit for Recognised Learning (CRL)
  • Curtin Volunteers
  • Enrolments for new and current students
  • Examinations and results
  • Future student enquiries
  • General enquiries
  • Student ID cards
  • Lost property
  • Sponsored students
  • Student Exchange, Study Abroad and studying at another Curtin campus
  • Student Wellbeing support

Located in building 102 on the Bentley campus you will be able to have all your questions and concerns answered in one place.

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Updated 03/09/2020 12.15 AM