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How do I resolve the technical issues I am having with the Online Assessment Extension form?

From Semester 1, 2020, the online form for assessment extensions will be used by all students enrolled at Australian locations.
Students enrolled at Offshore locations only, should use the Application for Assessment Extension PDF form and submit as per instructions on their unit outline.
Students enrolled at an Australian location who are having technical issues should ensure:
  • Supported browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari or Mozilla Firefox are used (Internet Explorer or MS Edge should not be used).
  • MAC users should not include special characters (e.g.' /' or ':' ) in the filename of any attachment.
  • The Grammarly Browser extension is disabled on the site.
  • If the list of assessments for a unit shows, but the assessment wanted is not listed, then please check the Unit Outline. The application will need to be submitted under one of the listed assessments, it might be named differently or be a part of a larger assessment. Once an assessment is chosen, students can enter in more information about their assessment in the 'additonal assessment information' box.
For further assistance, please contact Curtin Connect.
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Updated 15/07/2020 12.08 PM