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What should I bring with me to study in Perth?

For a full list of what you need to bring to Perth, read our Packing Guide.

We recommend you visit the Department of Agriculture website for information detailing Australian biosecurity requirements and what you can bring into Australia.

How much money do I need to bring with me to study in Perth?

The amount of money you bring with you is a personal decision; however, you must make sure you have enough funds to cover your bond/rent and moving expenses for your accommodation on arrival. You should also have money to cover temporary accommodation expenses (hotel) if applicable, meal costs, and transportation costs (buses, taxis).

Generally, it is advisable to have easy access to AUD$2500 to cover moving expenses and AUD$800 in travellers cheques or Australian currency to cover incidental expenses such as hotel, meals and transport for your first few days in Perth. You should not bring large amounts of cash with you – please ensure you bring the bulk of your funds in traveller’s cheques or as a bank draft or money order.

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Updated 01/10/2021 11.35 AM