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What is the difference between direct and indirect applications?  

Direct applications refers to when a student applies for a course through the Curtin website.
Anyone who is a current or previous student of Curtin, applying for semester 2 study, or wanting to apply for a postgraduate degree must apply via a direct application.
Indirect applications refers to those who submit their applications through another portal, such as TISC. 
Anyone who has not previously completed any study as a Curtin student wanting to apply for an undergraduate degree in semester 1* must apply via TISC.
*It may be possible to apply directly to Curtin for some undergraduate courses if you did not apply in time for, or were unsuccessful in, the TISC main round. Please note that some courses may be full and will not take further applications. All prerequisites and ATAR cut-offs still apply.
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Updated 11/01/2021 11.01 AM