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What is the difference between main round and second round offers?

Main round offers are the first round of offers made once prospective students finalise their application by the due date via TISC (see Important Dates). The offers will be available online on the TISC website and emailed to applicants. If you receive an offer in the main round, you can choose to:

a) accept the offer,
b) defer your place,
c) change your course preferences by the deadline (refer to the TISC automatic safety net and Important Dates),
d) do nothing to allow your offer to lapse to automatically move into the second round of offers (you might do this if the offer you received was not for your first preference and you would like to still be considered for that preference in second round), or
e) decline the offer - please note, if you decline your first round offer, your application will be void, and will not be considered for second round offers. 

There aren't any further TISC offer rounds after the second round. You can choose to accept or defer by the deadline in your offer email or you will lose your offer. If you change your mind after the TISC offer rounds and would like to apply for another course at Curtin, some courses may accept direct applications depending on places available.

Please visit the Offer Information page on the TISC website to see all your options available to you in the first and second round offers.

Updated 16/10/2022 12.02 AM