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How does my Curtin Access Plan relate to extensions?

If your CAP supports you for additional time to submit assessments, you do not need to apply for an Assessment Extension provided that the additional time requested is within the time period supported by the CAP, and the additional time has been confirmed by the unit coordinator at the start of the study period.

Additional time to submit assessments is subject to final approval by the unit coordinator. In some cases, additional time may not be possible (e.g. a group assignment or practical assessment).

For extensions longer than the additional time supported in the CAP you will have to apply for an Assessment Extension and obtain additional documentation as specified on the form.

Please note that the CAP does not support changes to the dates of tests or exams. Applications for extension/deferment of a test/exam will require an Assessment Extension application.

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Updated 21/10/2021 02.26 PM