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How do I withdraw from units?

Please follow the steps below to withdraw from units through your eStudent:
  • Click on My Enrolment
  • Click on Withdrawal
  • Check the tick box(es) of the unit(s) you wish to withdraw from, then click Continue
  • On the next screen, carefully check the withdrawal information. Remember, you will be liable for tuition fees and a WD will be recorded on your Academic Transcript for any unit(s) where the census date has past
  • If the withdrawal information is correct, click Withdraw
  • If you are withdrawn successfully, you will see a green tick on the next screen
  • If you wish to withdraw from more units, click Withdraw from another unit. Click View enrolled units to return to your current enrolment details.
All classes you were registered in will be unregistered once you successfully withdraw from a unit.

If you are an OUA student, enrolment is managed through your OUA student hub. 
Have a look at our eStudent Help page for more information.
If you require further support, please contact Curtin Connect.
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Updated 10/07/2020 11.21 AM