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How do I apply for a replacement award?

You may apply for a replacement award certificate if your original award certificate has been lost, stolen, damaged, destroyed or not received. Replacement award certificates are available for WAIT, Curtin University of Technology and Curtin University awards. An Award Certificate is a legal document and only one can be in circulation, therefore once your award certificate is replaced, your original award certificate becomes null and void.
2. If you do not have your original award you must complete a Statutory Declaration (page 2 of the application). This MUST be witnessed by an approved authority as listed on page 3.
3. If you do have your original award certificate, your original award certificate must be returned in person or via mail to the Graduations Office, Curtin Perth. Please tear through the red seal at the bottom of the original award certificate. If returning your original award certificate, a Statutory Declaration is not required.
4. Submit your completed application form, Statutory Declaration (if required) and original Award Certificate (if required) to the Graduations Office. Applications must be sent via mail, in person or via fax (at this time email applications are not accepted).
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Updated 27/10/2020 11.15 AM