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What kind of classes will I attend?

Teaching at university is done in many different ways. This includes various class types, which are suited to the content being delivered within the unit. The class types delivered at Curtin are defined below:

Lectures are presentations given by a subject matter expert, intended to convey critical information, history, background, theories and/or equations to a group of people about a particular subject area relevant to a course of study. Lectures may run from 50 minutes up to three hours in length. Curtin lectures are often recorded and available to view and listen on the online student platform. This is for students who couldn't attend, are enrolled in the unit externally, or perhaps need to be able to pause the lecture to make notes.

Tutorials are small discussion groups lead by a tutor. Students are usually required to attend one tutorial per week for each unit. Weekly assessments are often set and may involve a presentation to the group, a written exercise or participation in group discussion. Tutorials are designed to be interactive and students are encouraged to ask questions of their tutors if they do not understand certain aspects of the teaching program. These periods are the times when students can clarify ideas and concepts that are raised in lectures.

Laboratory or Clinical Practice focuses on the technical and practical aspects of a course, whether that be in science, computing, health or audiovisual.

Seminars are a small to medium-size group meeting between students and a lecturer or tutor for 1-3 hours. Some of this time will involve a presentation of information by the lecturer or tutor or by a student or group of students. Seminars tend to be more interactive than lectures.

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Updated 25/10/2021 02.44 PM