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What type of classes will I attend?

Teaching at university is done in many different ways. This includes various class types, which are suited to the unit content. The class types delivered at Curtin are defined below:

Lectures are presentations given by a subject matter expert, on a specific subject area within the unit you are studying.
Lectures typically run from 50 minutes to 3 hours. Curtin’s lectures are often recorded and published on Blackboard. This allows students the freedom to watch their lectures when most convenient. 

Tutorials are small discussion groups lead by a tutor. Each unit will usually have 1 tutorial per week. Tutorials involve a number of tasks and activities to help students develop their understanding of the content covered in that weeks lecture.
Tutorials are designed to be interactive, providing the perfect opportunity for students to ask questions and participate in group discussions.

Laboratory or Clinical Practice classes have a more ‘hands-on’ approach, with a focus on the application and practice of learnt skills. 

Seminars are small to medium-size group meetings between students and a lecturer or tutor for 1-3 hours. Seminars contain elements of a lecture and tutorial. That being, a seminar can involve a presentation by your tutor/lecturer, but will also include interactive tasks and group discussion.

View the unit outline for each of your units for more information on your classes, including the specific class types you will undertake and their duration.

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Updated 02/11/2021 09.28 AM