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What does Curtin's Perth campus look like?

Curtin Perth main campus in Bentley is big, but friendly.

The campus covers 116 hectares and includes landscaped grounds, gardens and sports fields. The Curtin Perth campus is the academic base for most of Curtin’s students, bringing together a diversity of ages, cultures and learning disciplines. The result is a vibrant community atmosphere.

To find out more about the Curtin Perth campus layout, visit our Curtin maps webpage. Students can enjoy on-campus music, entertainment, festivals, a wide range of cultural events, and visit the campus’ world-class art gallery in the John Curtin Gallery. University sports groups and special interest clubs and societies offer opportunities to meet and mix with other students beyond the lecture-theatre setting. To find out more about campus activities, food trucks and more, visit our Perth campus webpage.

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Updated 03/09/2021 09.45 AM