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What are the impacts of taking a leave of absence (LOA)?

Taking an LOA can have the following impacts on your studies:
  • The time it takes to complete your degree will be extended:
    • For example, if you had 3 semesters to complete at the point in time you take your leave, you will have 3 semesters to complete starting from the time that you return to your studies.
  • Due to unit availability and pre-requisite requirements, you may not be able to study full time when you return to your studies, or re-commence in your chosen study period:
    • For example, if you were due to return to your studies in semester 2 of a given year, but the units you are required to take next are only running in semester 1 of each year, you will need to wait until semester 1 of the following year to re-commence.
  • Your student visa may be impacted:
    • It is your responsibility to investigate the implications of taking an LOA on your student visa by visiting the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) website.
Please view the Leave of Absence page on our Current Students website for more information.
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Updated 19/11/2020 03.10 PM