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Which 2021 study periods are open for class registration?

Class registration is now open for the following 2021 study periods:
Study period Campus
Block Session 1 Bentley
Block Session 2 Bentley and Perth City
Block Session 3 Bentley and Perth City
Block Session 4 Bentley
Block Session 5 Bentley
ELB Academic session 3 Bentley
ELB Block 1 Bentley
ELB Block 2 Bentley
ELB Extended Prep 1 Bentley
ELB Prep 1 Bentley
Extended Delivery Period 1 Bentley
Extended Term 1 Bentley
Full Year Honours Bentley
Intensive Study Period 1 Bentley
Intensive Study Period 3 Perth City
Medical School Yr 2 Bentley
Medical School Yr 3 Bentley
Medical School Yr 4 Bentley
Medical School Yr 5 Bentley
Semester 1 Bentley, Perth City and Kalgoorlie
Study Block 1 Bentley
Study Block 2 Bentley
Study Term 1 Perth City
Summer School Bentley
Trimester 1 Bentley and Perth City
Trimester 2 Bentley and Perth City
Uni Term 1 Bentley
Uni Term 2 Bentley
Uni Term 3 Bentley
Year Long Bentley
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Updated 30/11/2020 03.53 PM