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I am after a course that Curtin does not offer. Where do I go from here?

We suggest that you visit Future Students to research what courses you can take that would suit your career goals, as it’s often the case that many courses could suit the role that you eventually want to work in. For example, Curtin does not offer studies in criminology, but if your goal is to become a lawyer or a psychologist and to understand behaviour, we have courses for you.
The Government of Western Australia Jobs and Skills WA website is a great tool that allows you to search for an occupation and courses that will help you gain the skills to work in that job. If you’re a current student and you need career advice, you can always visit our Careers & Employment webpage and set up a meeting with a Careers Advisor.
Have a look at courses offered by other higher education institutions:
  • Open Universities Australia provides online learning and courses by correspondence
  • MyUniversity provides students with a broad range of information about Australian universities and other higher education providers
  • TAFEWA Courses Directory if your chosen profession is trade-based.
If you need further advice, you can submit any questions via our webform. Your enquiry will be answered by one of our Future Student Advisors.
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Updated 01/04/2021 10.37 AM